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Is Your Child Right for Fraternity Sorority Life?-SliderPhoto

Is Your Child Right for Fraternity or Sorority Life?

To frat or not to frat; that is the question for many first-year college students. And if you're a Latino student, then maybe the question is: Which Latino fraternity or sorority should you join? Sure, we all saw the movie “Animal House.”…
A Parent’s College Bound Checklist-MainPhoto

A Checklist for Parents with College Bound Kids

Senior year is momentous for many reasons, not the least of which is the college application process. Plus there are all those ‘lasts’—the last homecoming, the last football game, and finally, the last day. Before you can say “STOP!”…
7 Must-Know Resources for Finding Grants & Scholarships-MainPhoto

7 Must-Know Resources for Finding Grants & Scholarships

There are many resources available for parents looking for scholarships and grants for their college-bound children. While the process of finding the right ones seems daunting and even intimidating, it's really not so bad. And it's free money! Read…
For College Applications, Ditch these 6 Old Rules-SliderPhoto

For College Applications, Ditch these 6 Old Rules

Well-meaning parents all want to help their kids succeed in the college application process. But they often don’t realize how much the application process has changed since they themselves applied. Former admissions officers Anna Ivey and…
Freshmen Dorm Tips to Help You & Your Child Make the Move-SliderPhoto

Tips for College Moving Day

Tips to make the best of college moving day for freshmen and their parents by a mom who's been there, twice.  Graduation and prom are over, Beach Week is just a Facebook memory and soon—too soon for many of us—you’ll load up your…

Online Universities: A Cost-Saving Path to a College Degree

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The recent recession has adversely affected most segments of the population, but especially Latinos. And while the country struggles to recover, some reports suggest that lack of higher  education opportunities is stalling Latino advancement…

New FAFSA Guide Helps Latino Students Apply for College Financial Aid

Latinos are the largest minority population on college campuses today. However, many still face barriers to higher education because they have unusual family circumstances. They may have lived outside the home, have divorced parents, have…

5 Scholarship Tips for Latinos

Going to college is not getting any cheaper and imminent financial aid budget cuts are not helping either. That is why Latinos must take advantage of scholarships to make their higher education endeavors a reality. A recent study by NerdScholar…

305 Rise to Empower Young Latinos in Miami

Six Latino college students who attended a leadership program at Harvard College returned to Miami with an idea. They decided to found a group, 305 Rise, devoted to help minority students become better prepared for college. The students…