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Graduation Presents your Kids won’t Expect From You-SliderPhoto

12 Graduation Presents Your Kids Won’t Expect from You

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It’s that time of year, when school draws to a close and graduation ceremonies pop up like dandelions. Chances are you’ll know someone who, after hard work or maybe dumb luck, is graduating this month. If the graduate is a relative, a…
Keeping in touch with your college age kid is possible

Staying in Touch With Your College-Bound Kid

Staying in touch with your college-age kid is not impossible! College is an exciting time for your high school grad, and of course you're thrilled that your child is headed off to get a higher education. But if you're like most Latina…
AHA Multicultural Scholarship-MainPhoto

AHA Multicultural Scholarship Addresses Health Education Disparities

As a second generation Mexican-American pursuing a nursing degree, Kristine Gallardo recognizes that access to affordable care is an issue that affects most Americans. In addition, she believes multicultural representation in the healthcare…
20 Rules for Parents of College-Bound Kids-MainPhoto

20 Rules for Parents of College-Bound Kids

There’s a lot of preparation needed as your child readies to leave for college, and not all of it involves tuition payments and picking out a bedspread for her dorm room. As the senior year of high school gets underway and the rush to campus…
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Colgate’s Haz La U Scholarship Helps Send Hispanics to College

With more Hispanic students than ever before attending college in the U.S., they and their families often run up against a harsh reality—college can be prohibitively expensive for many. That’s why Colgate, in partnership with the Hispanic…
Generation 1st! Three Hispanic Families Discuss their College-Bound Dreams-SliderPhoto

Three Latinas Discuss Their College-Bound Dreams

Editor’s Note: The following article is one in a series presented in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and designed to help parents prepare to send their kids off to college, brought to you by Colgate. What’s it like to be the first person…
10 Traits Your Kid Must Look For in the Perfect Mentor-MainPhoto

10 Traits Your Child Should Seek in a Mentor

Having a mentor outside of the family can be an incredible asset for students young and old. For college students in particular, a great mentor offers hard-earned perspective and wisdom as well as an objective assessment of his mentee, when…
A Smart Internship Plan Can Lead to Great Opportunities-MainPhoto

The Right Fit: A Smart Internship Plan Can Lead to Great Opportunities

By September, your son or daughter is probably getting into the swing of college life. It’s easy for students to get wrapped up in being on campus, enjoying the remaining weeks of nice weather, and having fun before exams start up and they…
Does Your High Schooler Suffer From Senioritis? #CollegeMami-SliderPhoto

Does Your High School Student Suffer From Senioritis?

Senioritis: An insidious germ cloud that roams a myriad of high schools, lurking in the shadows between the cafeteria and the decrepit boiler room…seeking to devour wayward 12th graders! Cuidado! It’s the dilemma that parents and high…