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The Missing Link: Latinos in Books & Publishing

Earlier this week the New York Times ran an article citing the Pew Hispanic Center study that says Latino children make up a quarter of students enrolled in public schools around the country. Yet they do not have nearly enough books available with Latino main characters. Education experts believe this is an obstacle for young readers […]


Kids Lose Out When Schools Cut Arts Programs

Our kids are the losers when schools cut out arts programs. And yet, every time state budgets get tight and deficits grow, the “powers that be” are quick to sacrifice art, drama and music classes. And even if the budget crises pass, these classes and programs are rarely reinstated. A report released earlier this year […]


How to Attend College & Not Break the Bank

All those horror stories about the expense of attending college are true. Attending a four-year college or university in the U.S. has never been so expensive. And the prices keep climbing. A Recent New York Times article pointed out that more than 41 states cut their higher education budgets last year. In Florida, Republican Governor […]