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Cinco de Mayo Nachos

UPDATED April 18th, 2018 When was the last time you had really good nachos? I’m not talking about the kind with the orange cheese that comes in a can that is served in movie theaters or little league baseball games. I’m talking about the kind that are made at home with crisp corn tortilla chips, […]

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Holiday Hangover Helper Menudo Recipe

UPDATED December 1st, 2016 Menudo is a dish known to cure the worst hangover. I know many people that will not touch the stuff with a ten foot pole, and then I know the same amount of folks who live and die by it.  I join the ranks of the latter. I grew up savoring the spicy broth and […]


Super Bowl Snack: Sausage Mushroom Lasagna Cupcakes

With the cold weather upon us and hearty foods shouting our names, it’s time to pull out one of my favorite dishes to serve anytime of the year…the Lasagna Cup. They are the perfect appetizer, mini meal, or just a way to enjoy a handheld delicious piece of lasagna. THE ULTIMATE HANDHELD PIZZA! I make […]


Happy New Year! 12 Grape Champagne Gelatina Recipe

At the stroke of midnight, my family has always followed the 12 grapes tradition. Gobbling down 12 grapes and reminding all the young ones in the tribe that the grapes will bring you great luck in the New Year. GOING MODERN As an adult, I have become accustomed to celebrating the New Year with a […]


Holiday Leftovers: Ham & Pasta Shells

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Mamiverse Food Contributor Nicole Presley, who was recently honored as one of the Top 100 Mom Food Blogs of 2013. ¡Felicidades Nicole! I’m absolutely insane about ham. Usually for the Easter holiday, I get a big spiral cut ham and serve it with bread and everything you would need for the […]


Easter Potato Salad: A Family Favorite

Where’s the potato salad? That’s the first thing my Tía will ask when she walks in the house on any given family gathering. It just has to be the one food that we always enjoy no matter what the occasion. A friend of mine who was born and raised in Los Angeles and recently moved […]


Mini Chocolate Chip Flan

Has February crept up on you in the worst way? Valentine’s Day and you have nothing with which to woo your sweetie? ALL HANDS ON DECK This just can’t be…you need to snap into action fast…here’s the answer. Make mini chocolate chip flan covered in dulce de leche. It’s a simple dessert that can be […]