Presley-Father's Day Grilled Corn Salad-MainPhoto

Presley-Father's Day Grilled Corn Salad-MainPhoto
With the summer months blazing upon us, I like to get outside and fire up my grill. From time to time I will grill a bounty of vegetables and meat then keep them stored away in the fridge to use for salads throughout the week. You can bet your bottom dollar that corn is always at the top of my list of veggies to grill.

Corn is such a versatile vegetable and adds the right amount of sweetness to every meal. It works especially well in a salad when served cold. Even the meats taste good when served cold in a salad. The recipe below was made from leftovers I had from a bar-b-q I enjoyed over the weekend with friends.

My fiancé was certainly pleased to see his cherished carne asada make its way onto his salad plate. He said he never thought of eating it surrounded by leafy greens, he had only imagined it wrapped in a tortilla. As he dug his fork in again and again he ooooohhhed and aaaahhhed over the nice flavor combos that the corn and blue cheese brought to his palate.

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Asking if I could please make him this salad the following week. I responded by saying, “if you grill the corn and carne asada for me.” We giggled when he realized he would have to work for his food. Enjoy!


2  grilled corn on the cob
2 cups baby lettuces
2 pieces of carne asada
1 ripe avocado
3 radishes (thinly sliced)
1/8 cup fresh peas
1/8 cup crumbled blue cheese
Lemon Cilantro dressing


  1. Remove kernels from corn by running a sharp knife along the edges. Set to the side.
  2. On a large platter spread out baby lettuces and use this plate to build upon.
  3. Place corn in one section of the plate atop the lettuce.
  4. Then slice up pieces of cold carne asada into long strips, and place next to corn on top of lettuce.
  5. Cut avocado in half , and remove pit. Place on salad plate.
  6. Thinly slice radishes and make a space for them on the salad plate.
  7. Place peas next to radishes on top of lettuce.
  8. Add the blue cheese to the center of the plate.
  9. Drizzle the salad with your favorite store bought lemon cilantro dressing and you will be set to eat in no time.