All About Figs-MainPhoto

cooking with figs
Seeing figs on sale at the local market is nature’s reminder that we are approaching the last smoldering days of warm weather. I guess that’s why I get sort of excited and nostalgic at the same time. Fresh figs are fragile and delicate. They don’t last long; keep them refrigerated, do not crush them and eat them quickly. And always get creative cooking with figs.

Mission Figs:
Dark purple almost black skin with dark pink flesh. These are the sweetest kind, and needless to say, my favorite ones!
Brown Turkey Figs: dark brownish skin, with a milder flavor.
Adriatic Figs: pale yellow skin, bright pink inside and quite sweet.
Calimyrna Figs: golden skin, pink flesh with a nutty flavor.
Kadota Figs: light green skin and less sweet than the rest.

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