Don’t get Tyler Florence wrong —he loves a simple burger or hot dog straight off the grill, but there’s plenty of time for that all summer. On the Fourth of July, when the chef has an extra day off to spend with his family, he likes to slow down and break out some 4th of July recipes that he doesn’t get to make on a typical hectic weekend: old favorites like smoked ribs, homemade relishes and peach cobbler.

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Tyler’s 4th of July recipes bring him back to his roots. “I’m from the South, and when I was growing up, we’d take the Fourth of July to a whole new level,” he says. “My oldest son, Miles, who’s 14, loves this kind of food. The other two kids are a bit young for it, but I’m sure they’ll develop a taste for the South as well.” His slow-cooked ribs are a childhood favorite that he loves sharing with his family.