It’s makeup trends time, ladies. Whether you’re the type that only wears eye makeup during the week because it makes you feel more polished or on the weekends when you’re party bound,  you are already aware of the transformative powers of those colorful powders and liners can have on your entire look and outlook. You might also be the type that’s very self-conscious in the makeup department and may be more comfortable with just mascara and that’s it. Whatever the case, the trends we saw on the runways for this season ranged from high-voltage colors on the eyes to barely there au naturel, so everybody’s happy.

If you prefer little to no eye makeup and have been cursed with ruddy or dark lids that can make your eyelids appear darker than the rest of your skin, and as result have a permanent “exhausted look,” there’s a solution. Try perking up your eye lids’ skin tone by blending concealer or foundation on them before putting on shadow. Pati Dubroff, a Clarins makeup artist, told Red Book, that for dark-lidded women seeking eye shadow advice, “Go with shimmery shades that aren’t too pale,” says Dubroff. “The shimmer’s reflection will brighten skin.” If redness on your lids is a problem, dab on a yellowish eye shadow primer to cancel out the redness. Now that you’ve covered first base for some serious eye makeup-wearing, here are the hottest makeup trends for the eyes this season.

1. Black Liquid Magic
Give Cat Woman some hissing-hot competition this season with dramatic black liquid eyeliner. Whether it’s an exaggeratedly winged-tipped look at the corners or simply drawn out in more lady-like points at the end of your eyelids, this feline looks purrs sexy cool.

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2. Purple Haze
When it comes to summer trends, it’s not only Prince and Jimi Hendrix fans going wild over regal purple this season. Whether it’s lilac, lavender, or plum, with purple, there’s a shade for everyone. If you have brown eyes like Zoe Saldana, look for purple shadows with warmer or bronze-y tones mixed in to really make your eyes pop.

3. Barely There Pink
This “no-makeup makeup trend” is a bit perplexing. But yet, so is high-fashion. So how to get this ‘I woke up like this’ look? Shoot for a pinkish to peachy eye shadow in the center of the lid, a touch of mascara on the upper lashes, a pale to neutral lipstick gloss, and a light blush. No one will believe you worked hard on this look.


4. Brown Smoke
You don’t have to be a browned-eyed girl to indulge in this earthy and ultimate day-to-night color. Thought of as a neutral and safe shade, the beauty of brown shadow is that you can easily dab some more on when the sun goes down for softly smoked lids that say come hither. Pair this with a pale to nude lipstick and a smidgen of bronzer and growl like a tigress.