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FOX Logo-ReducedFive federally funded Head Start early childhood programs have stopped offering their services to 5,000 children of low-income families as a result of the partial government shutdown, according to the Washington Post.

Head Start offers early childhood education programs, preschool, for children from birth to age 5. Over a million children, 37 percent of whom are Latino, are served by Head Start programs throughout the country every year, including the five education centers shutdown as of Friday.

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According to the Post, Georgia’s Ninth District Opportunity Inc. Head Start program was closed Friday, shutting out 2,153 children in 113 classrooms. Those children joined the 1,019 children from Connecticut’s Action for Bridgeport Community Development, 900 at Mississippi’s Five County Child Development Program, 898 in an Alabama center, and 378 children in a Florida center that also had to find schooling elsewhere.

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