We’ve got a roundup of Easter recipes to make this year’s holiday the best Sunday brunch ever. Easter brunch is extra special because of the religious significance of the day but it also ushers in spring flavors. These 10 Easter recipes are so versatile and delicious, you’ll want to make them all year round for breakfast, lunch or even dinner!

1. Hatchling Deviled Egg Chicks
It’s not Easter brunch without this ingeniously adorable appetizer on the table. They’re almost too cute to eat!

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2. Torta Mexicana
This hearty dish is similar to a quiche except the crust is made of flour tortillas and the filling has a zesty Mexican-style flair. The crust is filled with a mouthwatering blend of eggs, chorizo, chiles and cheese.

3. Brioche with Prosciutto, Gruyère & Egg
Chef Suzanne Goin’s incredible open-faced sandwich recipe is pure heaven. You’ll wish you could eat this buttery, cheesy dish every day.


4. Breakfast Avocado Sandwich
Call it a sandwich or call it avocado toast, this is a light and delicious savory brunch treat. Even better, it’s healthy and simple too! A sunny side up egg (or however you prefer your eggs) on whole grain toast topped with sliced avocado and drizzled with a yogurt-mustard sauce.

5. Maple Bacon Pancake Bites
This is one of our favorite Easter recipes and the kids will absolutely love it. Bite-sized pancake muffins topped with sweetened cream cheese, maple syrup and bacon crumbles are perfect as a brunch app or a side for eggs.


6. Frittata with Asparagus, Tomato & Fontina
Frittatas are the ultimate brunch meal. They’re perfect when you’re feeding a crowd and you can whip a frittata up using only one pan. Asparagus makes this a light and springy dish.

7. Bacon, Spaghetti Squash & Parmesan Fritters
You can cook the squash a day or two ahead and fry a batch of these awesome fritters in a flash so you can serve them piping hot.


8. Hot Cross Buns
No list of Easter recipes is complete without Hot Cross Buns. They’re traditionally eaten on Good Friday but they’re delicious anytime.

9. Hash Browns with Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict and hash browns are both brunch staples and they’re twice as good when you put them together. The potatoes replace the English muffin so it’s not a total carbo load.

10. Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs
Last but not least, an Easter brunch dessert! These whimsical treats are the homemade gourmet version of Cadbury Eggs.

Photos 6 & 8 courtesy of Food Network.com