You are awesome and unique—if you’re bored at work, why not consider a career change? Why settle for the typical career when you know deep down that you’re looking for something out of the ordinary? There are millions of ways to earn a living that many of you have never have heard of. Some are strange and silly, and others are where the future is headed. Think out of the box or in the box, and in a corner you hadn’t explored, and open yourself up to new job possibilities that strike up your curiosity. Then when you find something that strikes your fancy, ask for advice from experts in that field by setting up informational interviewers where you can ask away. The fact is, most people love talking about themselves and what they do, so don’t be shy.

When it comes down to deciding what you want to do, John Heckers, a specialist in Strategic Executive Coaching, told Career Realsim.com that one of the most important things about choosing a career is knowing where you want to make a difference on this planet. “Let’s be real. A Wall Street Banker doesn’t make a positive difference in the world and may, indeed, be doing great harm. If you want to make a positive difference for your community and the world, look at places you can do that, even if they don’t pay six (or seven) figure incomes.” What if you’re meant to become the next big digital strategist on the east coast by working internships for free and putting in a lot of hard work now to reap all the benefits later? Here are 12 ideas for a new and unique career path to get your juices flowing. Go for it.  And remember, the world is your oyster.

1. Hippotherapy
Was Black Stallion or The Horse Whisperer one of your favorite movies? Well, horse lover, as a hippotherapist (From the Latin: “hippo” or horse) you can offer therapy that uses the natural movement of a horse as part of a patient’s treatment.  Riding horses can be highly beneficial for patients with physical and neurological disabilities and hippotherapy is also beneficial for children with multiple sclerosis, autism, and other ailments.

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2. Food Stylist
Safe to say most of us would opt into a career change that involves delicious, gourmet food. But do you happen to be a foodie with an eye for beauty? Ever wonder how those sleekly-shot magazine and TV ads for jaw-dropping food were cooked up? Food stylists are professionals with cooking skills, creative style who make it happen behind the scenes. It’s the perfect culinary job that has you out on the creative filed and not slaving in the kitchen.


3. Court Stenographer
Do you love Law and Order, fast typing, and code languages? Stenographers—who transcribe the spoken word through shorthand using a stenotype machine—are well-paid and may be employed by the court system, court reporting companies, or they may work as freelancers. You’ll need a secondary educational program in court reporting and often state licensure.


4. Futurist
No crystal ball required here, just a good education or a degree in Futurism. Corporate leaders pay futurists fine salaries to know what’s coming, usually in the next five to fifty years.  For example, is there a disruptive technology that could ruin their company’s plans? Futurists provide research and analysis and make projections according to shifting demographics, potential disease outbreaks, social conditions, and more.


5. Feng Shui Consultant
Are you always calling cluttered people out on their un-Feng Shui-ness? Take over the scene and reorganize people’s offices and homes for a living. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science that focuses on the flow of energy to insure wellness and good fortune, also happens to be a super-Zen career. Though consultants can be self-taught, formal certification and training is available.


6. Digital Strategist
Are you on the cutting edge of social media and tech trends? These strategists help to get businesses to conveniently appear in the buyer’s path online at the right time and with entertaining approaches. How? By creating content, blogger outreach campaigns, email marketing, paid advertising, and of course, social networking. This is the career path of the present, and of course future.


7. Computational Linguist
Is R2-D your hero? And are you fascinated by artificial intelligence, language structure, and software development? Computational linguists develop computer apps to facilitate communication between computers and humans…cool! With a degree in computer science, a concentration in programming and a solid understanding of the English language, you’re hired.


8. Animal Acupuncturist
Think your average dog or cat doesn’t get aches and pains? Those rascals suffer as many sprains and muscle discomfort as we do. If you’re an animal lover, an animal acupuncturists, is a kind of veterinarian who incorporate Western veterinary medicine with Eastern medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine).


9. Ayurveda Healer
Deem yourself a healer with a magic touch? Ayurveda, which means “knowledge of life,” is a traditional Indian medicine, aims for a balance of one’s body system, and incorporates many natural or plant-based remedies. While years back you had to go to India to study, schools in the U.S., such as the Kripalu School in Massachusetts and the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, now offer certification.


10. Greeting Card Artist
Are you a frustrated artist who’d like to be making a decent salary? If you like drawing characters, animation, and imaginary plot lines, graphic design work at companies like Hallmark hire artists to design cards and e-cards. According to Small Business, jobs are predicted to grow in this field through advertising and digital media.