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Guess what? 50 is not the new 30, or 40—it’s the new 50! Now more than ever before, women are meeting the half century mark with passion and enthusiasm as they move into their best decade. And yes, they’re even looking forward to the future! Here are seven fabulous women who, in their 50s are making it look easy for the rest of us!

50 and Fabulous 7 Women Who Embrace Their Decade-Photo2MARISSA MONTEILH, 55, BESTELLING AUTHOR, FORMER MODEL & TV REPORTER
Advice to younger women: We get better with age, and I wouldn’t trade all that I am and all that I know for anything in the world.

How she stays fit and healthy: I get annual physicals, drink a lot of water, try to eat healthy, though I am a sugar addict. I also take time to go on vacations, walk, and enjoy the love of family, and our new German Shepherd.

How to age gracefully? Don’t stress about the number of years, but focus on how you feel. Besides, most people don’t see what we see. Be easy on yourself and love yourself first, then share it with others.

Should women ‘fess up their age? I wish other women would be proud of their age, but we’re taught to not tell our age, that it’s not nice to ask a woman how old she is. I’m proud to say that I’m 55, and I am happy to be alive.

Why she rocks 55: I’ve lived a life with a lot of ups and down, experienced a lot of deaths and trials, yet I’ve also had so many blessings. I’ve found my professional passion, which is writing, I’ve found the love of my life, I make sure to feed myself spiritually, I’m healthy and I’m wise!

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50 and Fabulous 7 Women Who Embrace Their Decade-Photo3CELEST BENN, PHD, 55, CEO OF FREEEBIRTHDAYSTUFF.COM
Words of wisdom: Embrace who you are, by now you should have your stuff together.

On health and fitness: Eat well, don’t diet, interact with young people. Listen more, talk profoundly.

Secret to ageing gracefully: There’s a secret?

In 10 more years she will be: One hot momma! Having fun, living life, giving back and always smiling….

Considered cosmetic surgery? Yeah, liposuction for my butt and tummy tuck, but why? Too expensive and too risky. I love me, all of me….

Latinas and ageing, a good mix? It depends on the role models they had as grandmothers. If your granny was cool, it really doesn’t matter in the end. Grandmothers are the secret to ageing to success and love.

50 and Fabulous 7 Women Who Embrace Their Decade-Photo4LORRAINE C. LADISH, 50, AUTHOR, EDITOR IN CHIEF OF MAMIVERSE
On fear of aging: Being a first time mom at 37 and second time mom at 40 took care of any possible age crisis! I was too busy—still am—juggling motherhood with a career.

Why she’s loving 50: For the same reason I loved every other decade. I made it so far, I´m alive! I feel energetic and still have a lot of goals left to reach!

Aging gracefully? I´m sure trying to! I want my young kids to be proud, not embarrassed by me! I met the love of my life at 46, and when I look at myself through his eyes I like what I see!

Wishing other women would own their age? Yes. Why is young considered “better?” It´s just different. I´m more compassionate, capable and experienced at 50 than I was at 20.

Cosmetic enhancements? I’ve processed my hair, whitened my teeth, worn acrylic nails and makeup and waxed my legs … none of which is “natural.” What´s the difference between that and a slight enhancement to look a little less haggard? I’m considering touching up my neck in the future!

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50 and Fabulous 7 Women Who Embrace Their Decade-Photo5SABRINA VORVOULIAS, 53, NEWSPAPER EDITOR AND NOVELIST
50+ is … nothing like you imagine it will be. While society conspires to erase us we are far too confident, capable, vital and outspoken to allow ourselves to be erased. Fifty makes you fierce.

Why she’s digging it! I write. I speak out. I learn. I enjoy. Since I turned 50 I’ve written and published not only a novel but a number of short stories, and weekly op/ed pieces. My time is now!

How to age with grace: Laugh a lot. Keep your imagination alive. Wear what you want, how you want to wear it. And look at everyone around you and at yourself with deep and abiding compassion.

Wishing other women would own their age? I do. Speaking your age shouldn’t have to be act of courage, but it seems that way because we’re told that only the young are desirable, attractive, dynamic and still vital professionally. Maya Angelou is 85, Dolores Huerta is 83, Sonia Braga is 63, Shohreh Agadashloo is 61 — and they’re all those great adjectives and better ones: deep, powerful, fierce, unbowed.

Fabulous at 50+ because … I’m just hitting my stride!

50 and Fabulous 7 Women Who Embrace Their Decade-Photo6MONICA EVERETT, 53, FLIGHT ATTENDANT
Should women fear 50? Not if they prepare themselves to be independent, educated, physically & mentally strong.

Secret to ageing gracefully? Staying fit and protecting your skin.

Why should women confess their age? To set the example of the process of stated elegance, character, aging and refinement.

In 10 or 20 years she will be: Slim, fit, healthy and enjoying family, friends and traveling.

Cosmetic enhancements, yes or no? Yes. Possibly Botox around eyes & forehead for a smoother appearance.

Do Latinas embrace aging? Yes. Because it’s in our genes. We are blessed with great skin and figures! We just need to be diligent and maintain it through the years.

Why she’s Fab at 50+: I beat the odds. I rose from poverty to comfort, I helped to provide for my family, raised 3 boys and survived the death of my 13-year old son and mother. I fought for my life & health and lost 60 lbs. I found a great job and gave my family the world as a flight attendant. I care for an aging parent and encourage my family through our trials.

50 and Fabulous 7 Women Who Embrace Their Decade-Photo7HADA MARÍA MORALES, 58, AUTHOR AND SPEAKER
Words of wisdom on age: Every stage of life is inevitable and should be lived with gusto, intelligently and dynamically.

Why she loves this decade: There are no longer excuses to do that which you want to do with your talent!

The secret to elegant aging? Very simple. Having the answers to our own questions and taking action to move forward: Who am I? What have I achieved? What are my priorities? Also, dressing with taste.

In 10 years she will be … fulfilled, happy, irresponsibly happy!

Cosmetic enhancements? Of course! But moderately. I don´t want to be unrecognizable or scare my grandkids!

She’s Fab at 58 because: I accept myself fully. Because I´ve decided to let go of toxic people and situations. Because I believe in God!

50 and Fabulous 7 Women Who Embrace Their Decade-Photo8LOLA ROMERO, 50, WRITER, EDITOR AND MOM
Words of wisdom: At 50 I feel as if I were still 20.

She likes her 50´s because: I realize age doesn´t matter if you are alive and have dreams and goals.

On taking care of herself: I laugh a lot! I walk, read, write, take care of my body and travel.

The secret to aging gracefully? I don´t have it! I think it´s different for each person. Feeling loved and developing your skills and character perhaps.

Cosmetic enhancements? I will consider them if I ever think they would make me feel better.

She’s Fab at 50 because … Well, why not? 50 shouldn´t be stigmatized. We´re not old women. I´ve always been fabulous, although I also know my limitations.