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Bathroom Renovation in 48 Hours, HGTV-Style-MainPhoto

Just when I thought being on a hit home renovation reality show had no downside, I realized that completing a master bathroom makeover in 48 hours on TV meant my wife would be watching, too! Needless to say, my “honey do” list is growing longer and more distinguished by the second.

But don’t worry—you don’t have to be on HGTV to successfully tackle a bathroom in 48 hours!

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Bathroom Reno in 48 Hours, HGTV-Style-Photo2

Font’s winning bathroom on Brother vs Brother.

If you don’t mind the project spilling over to another weekend, then don’t stress about finishing in just two days. However, if 48 hours is what you have, then time management and good planning are key. Here are some tips for a successful 48-hour master bathroom makeover:

  • First things first: Make a list of what you want to upgrade and stick to it. It’s all too easy to get lost in your local hardware store and suddenly grow your scope of work from a weekend to a month. This will also help you stay on target with your budget.

  • Vanity matters: The vanity will make the biggest impact, both visually and in regards to return on investment. If you only have one sink, it’s a no brainer to add a double sink vanity. There are a vast number of double vanity kits in varying sizes and styles to fit just about any bathroom (including that 1970s “closet” they used to call a master bath).

  • Watch DIY videos: If you are fairly handy and feel confident doing the plumbing yourself, go for it. Here’s my secret tip: YouTube is a beautiful thing! There is a “how to” video for everything these days. However, I cannot stress this enough: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Consider outsourcing the plumbing if it’s not something you are fully comfortable with. A misstep here can turn your 48-hour project into an expensive nightmare!

  • From the ground up: After the vanity, flooring is the next biggest bang for your buck in a 48-hour bathroom renovation. Stick to tiles in the bathroom. Wood looks great but too much moisture can ruin it.

  • Skip the shower: Redoing a shower is a bit more complicated. Once you get into renovating a shower, you’ll need to become familiar with local building codes for the correct waterproofing methods. If you only have two days, the shower may not be something to tinker with.

  • Finishing touches: Finally, some paint and new accessories (shiny new TP holder and towel rack), and you’ll be in DIY master bath heaven!