13. Kat Deluna • November 26
“Unstoppable” Kat Deluna is another one of the many famous Scorpios. A young one at that, this Dominican raised in the Bronx has strutted her way to the top of the charts in that tough and edgy Scorpio way.

14. Tracee Ellis Ross • October 29
This Scorpio actress is Diana Ross’ daughter and has similarly amazing hair. Gracing the big and smaller screens, she is tenacious and alluring both, very fond of tough roles and challenges.

15. Thandie Newton • November 6
From Oprah Winfrey’s adaptation of the Toni Morrison novel, Beloved, Newton’s hard scorpion shell allowed her to embody the impossibly fragile and heartbreaking title role. Moving onto other risky projects that have tackled racism, sexism and other heavier topics, this Scorpio is beautiful and sharp.