16. Goumikids Newborn Set ($40)
Formerly known as Guava Kids, the goumikids newborn set includes a cotton cap, mitts and booties for safe comfy sleeping. As an added bonus, goumikids donates a portion of their profits toward improving the lives of children globally as well as empowering girls to succeed.

17. Hedgehog Family Mobile ($36)
Each Flensted mobile is handmade in Denmark. It will make a fabulous addition to any nursery and this family of hedgehogs will be baby’s best friends.

18. Nippaz With Attitude Baby Gift Box ($59.30)
Leave it to the Brits to come up with punk baby gear. If you’re stumped about baby shower gift ideas for a rocker mom, check out the Nippaz With Attitude Etsy store. They’ve got punk, hip hop, rock, Rasta gift boxes—just to name a few. So awesome!