It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But let’s face it, sometimes even the most crucial meal can sometimes get a little boring. Something inside you wants to inspire your family with life changing breakfast recipes. As Chef Anthony Bourdain says, “What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?”

With that in mind, a bowl of cereal and toast just won’t cut it. Sometimes you need a little more inspiration. Here are a few cool and off the beaten track breakfast recipes that will make you and your family get out of bed in the morning.

1. Breakfast Quinoa with Blueberries
Give your simple bowl of cereal a remix. This hot bowl of quinoa is a hot creamy bowl of heaven. Adding blueberries and walnuts elevates this hot dish into one of our favorite and most nutritious breakfast recipes.

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2. Salted Cod Hash with Scrambled Eggs & Dumplings
This breakfast dish will explode with flavor and take you to the tropical island of the Dominican Republic. The salted cod from last night’s dinner is a great way to start this dish. The spices and salted flavors pair well with the dumpling. Add delicious scrambled eggs and voilà—you have a breakfast recipe that everyone will be waking up for.


3. Torrijas: Spanish Sweet Toast
This breaded treat looks a lot like French Toast but it isn’t. In Spain, it is called Torrijas and considered a Spring time dessert. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t whip up this dish for breakfast. Start with a few pieces of stale bread, soak in sweetened milk, wine syrup, or sweet wine. Then dip in egg. No, you shouldn’t mix the egg and milk together (classic mistake). Brown the dipped bread with butter in a skillet.


4. Salsa con Huevo: Tex Mex “Devilish” Eggs
These are not your ordinary scrambles eggs, and in this case the devil really is in the details. These zesty huevos delight the palette by adding onions and tomato sauce. They can be eaten on their own or paired with warm tortillas.


5. Eggs & Tortillas in Tomatillo Sauce
How are you feeling? HOT HOT HOT! At least that’s how you will feel after having this dish. These eggs will definitely wake you up. They have been awakened with Serrano chilies, garlic, cilantro and brightened with lemon juice. These savory flavors will make any morning brighter.


6. Holiday Hobbit Breakfast
Who isn’t a sucker for a themed breakfast? This meal is a hit with the little kids and the BIG kids too. This is one of our breakfast recipes that gives you variety.  Egg, Bacon, Hash browns and a tasty cheddar biscuit. This is the breakfast of all champions from Middle Earth and beyond.


7. Huevos Revueltos
Make it Zesty! By adding freshly chopped tomato, onions, and jalapeños, your eggs get an instant taste lift. These Latin-inspired, mouthwatering flavors may cause a stampede, so get out of the way!


8. Corn Flakes Crusted French Toast with Berry Maple Syrup
Sweet, Crunchy, and familiar! This corn flake crusted brunch favorite is the perfect breakfast treat for a cold wintery morning. These yummy French toast slices have a signature aroma that can coax any stubborn sleeper out of their warm bed.


9. Eggs Poached in Avocados with Diablo Sauce
This unique dish is definitely something to get you out of bed for. These poached eggs take you to a decadent vacation morning in Mexico. Enjoy eating these eggs like no one is watching.


10. Tostihuevos en Salsa Taquera
Eggs, Tortilla, and beans! What more can you ask for? The sunny side up eggs atop a crispy tortilla, paired with drool worthy black beans and a spicy salsa. If this doesn’t get you family out of bed, then nothing will.