10 Summer Makeup Tips you Need Right Now-SliderPhoto


When summertime comes, we busy mamis often neglect a little self-care that could go a long way. From changing our body lotion to something more seasonally appropriate, to buying ourselves a new pair of sandals for the beach, there are a few things we really should be doing at the change of season to look and feel our very best. One of those things is our makeup! Of course, we all want to look natural and fresh but, as Calvin Klein says, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” Knowing this, here are 10 summer makeup tips you need to feel (and look) like a goddess this season!

1. Skip the foundation.
If you plan on going to the beach or will spend time in the heat or water, skip the foundation and use concealer to cover up blemishes and shadows because the foundation will wash away (or melt off as you sweat) anyway. If you feel that you need additional coverage, use a tinted moisturizer. Either way, don’t forget the sunscreen!