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In a perfect world, all women would be born with the ideal pair of thick, plump and long eyelashes. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Short, thin, and sparse is far more common. Pining for a pair of glam eyelashes? It really isn’t as hard or time consuming as you may think!

Start by asking yourself what mascara you’re using. What are your eyelash needs? From thickening to lengthening and waterproof mascaras, you have a wide array of choices. What are you willing to spend? E.l.f. offers a $1 tube of mascara, Covergirl’s Lash Blast Volume Mascara is $6.99, and some high-end brands can cost over $100.

Experimenting with color can be fun! Black and brown are basic, but colors like plum, blue, purple, and burgundy can be great to spruce up your fall look!

One of the best ways to add instant glam is with the help of false lashes. Whether you need just a little help or a full-on dramatic look, there’s a pair of lashes for just about everyone. Ardell’s Fashion Lashes Starter Kit ($5.99) comes with lashes, adhesive, and an easy-to-use applicator. If you’re feeling extra bold, look for eyelashes with glitter or a little bling.

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Before applying, remember that preparation is key! Eyelashes should be clean and free of yesterday’s mascara. When your lashes are ready to go, don’t forget to apply eyelash primer. This helps create more surface area for the mascara to cover and make your lashes appear longer and thicker. This is sold either separately or paired with mascara. L’Oreal Paris’ Double Extend Beauty Tubes ($8.99) comes with the primer on the other end of the wand.

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When applying mascara start at the base of your eyelashes and gently wiggle the brush left and right as you move the brush up and through your lashes. This will not only separate your lashes, but it helps with lengthening too. Feel free to apply more than one coat, but be careful. Too much mascara can lead to clumping or the dreaded spider-eye look.

If you have a steady hand, close your eyes and apply a coat of mascara to the top of your lashes. A light coat to your bottom lashes is optional. This is often done to help make eyes appear wider.

Feel free to curl your lashes with the curler before or after, just make sure the mascara is dry before applying the curler. Using the lash comb can also help separating lashes and remove excess mascara and clumps. Check out Sonia Kashuk’s Dramatically Defining Eye Lash Curler ($8.99) and Lash Comb ($4.99). If you got any mascara on your skin, wait until it dries and remove it with a clean cotton swab, it should come right off.

Voila! Boring lashes are a thing of the past. Once you go glam, you never go back!

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