10 Key Things to Know About Planting Fruit Trees

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Updated April 27, 2018 Even if you don't have a green thumb, planting fruit trees is surprisingly easy—as long as you do a little homework—and the numerous benefits make it well worth the effort. Planting a mini backyard orchard can be…

How to Make a Jewelry Holder from Natural Elements

  UPDATED January 12th, 2018 No matter how many jewelry holders I have, it seems I can never fit all of my jewelry on them. That’s not to say I have a lot of it, much less a lot of expensive gems—although that would be nice.…

15 New Ways to Photograph Your Family Pet

UPDATED November 14th, 2017 When it comes to pet portraits, it's hard to take a bad one but there's a lot of competition out there on social media. Of course the portrait is mainly for your family to enjoy and share with relatives and close…

Nail Polish Tips and Tricks: The Art of the Fast Dry

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For most of us, the top nail polish tips and tricks we'd really kill for involve how to make nail polish dry faster. There's nothing more aggravating than achieving the perfect manicure only to smudge one nail because you didn't have the patience…

Power Monger: How to Max Out Your Cell Phone Batteries

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These days, cell phone batteries are almost as important for daily function as our own vital organs. It's always a pain to have to put communication on hold or shackle yourself to a cord when your power's running low. Some of us remember the…

Telepathy Tips: How to Pick a Psychic

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A good psychic reading can give you greater clarity, help you find the right path and make peace with your decisions or life circumstances. At best, a bad reading can leave you feeling anxious and confused. At worst, it can leave you penniless…

Homemade Pasta Recipe: An Idiot’s Guide

Federico Fellini once said “Life is a combination of magic and pasta” and true pasta lovers know that homemade pasta is worth the extra effort. While the idea of a homemade pasta recipe may sound intimidating, creating noodles from scratch…

How to Create a Blog: Is it Too Late?

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Feel like you’re too late to the blogging party? Don’t even know how to create a blog? No worries about tardiness, it’s never too late in the ever-expanding blogosphere to join in. Just ask The Happy Seeker’s Christopher Foster, a…

How to Elegantly Evade Awkward Political Debates

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The 2016 presidential campaign has sparked more political debate — on screen and in real life — than we've seen in ages. With so much wall-to-wall coverage and so many provocative sound bites from the candidates (one in particular...)…