Subscription boxes have exploded since BirchBox debuted in 2010 and we can see why. It’s pretty hard to resist getting a surprise package in the mail each month; they make great gifts and you get to sample new things without making a commitment. Retailers love them because monthly subscription boxes are an inexpensive way to get a self-selected niche audience to try their products. It’s win/win! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the ever-increasing options, check out our list of 10 subscription boxes that are actually worth it.

1. Blue Apron
If you’re an aspiring chef or just like the idea of taking a break from meal planning and grocery shopping that doesn’t involve fast food, try Blue Apron. Each month you receive a box with fresh, pre-measured specialty ingredients and recipes for a 500-700 calorie meal.

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2. Nature Box
Nature Box delivers a box of full-size, high-quality, nutritious snacks. You can choose your snacks or opt for a surprise box.

3. Bon Apétit
This is almost as fabulous as taking off for a weekend in Paris…almost. Bon Apétit delivers seven or eight French artisan goodies, along with detailed explanations for each one, in a reusable souvenir box. Trés bien!


4. Treatsie
Treatsie is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without binging. You receive monthly subscription boxes filled with artisan sweets from around the country.

5. Cocktail Hour
Throw a fabulous cocktail party without lifting a finger! You have to supply the alcohol but Cocktail Hour does the rest with 4-6 must-haves (including cocktail syrup for specialty drinks) in each box.


6. Kitchen Table Passport
If you love to sample authentic cuisine from around the world, these subscription boxes are for you. Each one contains mementos, discovery cards, herbs and spices and recipes for a meal representing a specific country. All of the ingredients can be found at the grocery store.

7. Farm to People
This is the small batch, farm to table trend and the subscription boxes trend in one delicious package. You can opt for The Casual Foodie (3-4 items each month) or The Food Critic (5-8 products).


8. Bitters & Bottles
Is it your dream to have a fully stocked bar so you can serve up fabulous cocktails at a moment’s notice? Bitters & Bottles is a 12-month subscription (you can cancel at any time) that delivers monthly boxes with recipes, spirits and mixers. Each box builds on the last so that you’ve got a complete bar in 12 months. Genius!

9. Foodstirs
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the founders of Foodstirs, which is designed to get kids cooking. Each box is a curated, theme-based baking kit complete with ingredients and supplies.

10. Mouth & CrateJoy
Mouth and CrateJoy are platforms for launching subscription boxes. Both sites offer a huge variety of niche boxes to choose from.