Romance your loved one this holiday season with spontaneous acts of love and unique activities. As you prepare for the holidays, incorporate a few of the following activities that will make your special someone melt, swoon and enjoy all the spirit of the season.

Designing a custom holiday card for friends and family is a creative way to spend time with that special someone and spread the love. Whether you’re newlyweds, long-time married or dating, romantic cards are an expression of your love and a festive way to get into the holiday spirit. Go through old, memorable pictures to use for your holiday card or hire a professional photographer to take flirty themed photos.

Sip on peppermint mochas and light a seasonally-scented candle while you and your lover browse through photo options on a card design customization site. Shop various designs, such as vintage, funny and modern, and select one that matches the style and personality of your relationship. Are you drawn to vintage black and white designs? Is bright and bold more your style? No matter how you choose to personalize your card, friends and family will love using it as a festive and friendly decorative accent for the home.

We like the sounds of that! For the married couple that may have lost the spark, wintry temperatures and a magical holiday season can help you rekindle that lost romance. The sweet aromas of baking cookies and pervasive holiday cheer may just be the catalysts for setting aside time to be romantic and sensual. Simply kissing and touching can be an erotic activity that will reconnect you and your husband or longtime love.

Spontaneous, unpredictable and flirtatious kisses will help you and your sweetheart enhance the romance in your marriage, especially during the most magical and happiest time of year.

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Handmade snow globes are a from-the-heart creation that will magically glow in your home or warm the hearts of friends and family. The charms of a vintage mason jar accented with glittery white faux snow create an enclosed winter wonderland that will beautifully adorn homes. Spend a romantic night with your guy shopping for materials and crafting homemade snow globes. The craft blog, Salt Tree, offers instructions for a waterless snow globe that lights up with a miniature street lamp bought at a dollar store.

Display one or a collection of mason jar waterless snow globes on the mantelpiece or bookshelf. Cozy up with your someone special underneath to enjoy its twinkling glow. Also, if you and your significant other are heading to a Christmas dinner or holiday party, DIY snow globes are a personal and budget-friendly gift idea.

Decorate your Christmas tree with homemade, one-of-a-kind ornaments that your beloved one make together. Mr. Kate suggests hardware Christmas tree ornaments are an inexpensive and easy craft that will even appeal to your man. Ask your husband to open up that toolbox to find an array of unused metal hardware pieces or just head to the hardware store as a couple to pick up washers in a variety of shapes and sizes. While you’re at the store, purchase twine, paint primer and paint colors that are fun and festive. Paint with neon colors for a funky look or traditional, festive hues such as glitter gold, ruby red and metallic silver.

Balance out those sweet indulgences and specialty cocktails by training and registering for a holiday half-marathon or run. Races, such as 5- and 10k’s and adventure runs not only get you active and outside, they are fun, festive events that usually include awards, music, refreshments and food.

Research fun holiday events in your city by visiting Active, an excellent online community for discovering races and adventure runs in any city.