UPDATED: July 31st, 2018 

Water exercises are a fantastic way to get fit without sacrificing precious pool time this summer. Not only does adding an underwater element to your workout make exercising more fun, it’s an excellent way for people who haven’t been to the gym in a while (or ever) to build strength and stamina with a low risk of injury. According to ACE Fitness, “The buoyancy of water reduces the weightof a person by about 90%, which means that the stress on weightbearing joints, bones and muscles is similarly reduced. For this reason, it is unlikely that a water workout will result in injury or leave you with sore muscles.” Which means it’s also a great option if you have an injury.

Aerobic pool workouts increase your stamina, the water resistance conditions your muscles from every angle and they burn calories. As boutique gyms and out-of-the-box workouts gain popularity, so do your options for water exercises. You won’t believe how many things can be done underwater!

If you’re addicted to Zumba, you absolutely have to try Aqua Zumba. It’s the same high-energy class you love but it’s low-impact to save your joints. And if you’ve always wanted to try Zumba but feel self-conscious about your hip-shaking ability, you don’t have any more excuses since no one can see when you’re out of step underwater.

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