10 Women Who Fought Back Against Their Attackers-MainPhoto


10. Dorothy Baker, Fights Attacker Insider Minivan
Everyone was in awe of a**-kicking Texas mom Dorothy Baker when she fought her attacker inside her own minivan with two of her children in the car. After he demanded $200 and threatened to hurt her children, Baker started fighting with the man, eventually getting his knife away from him and hitting him until he got out of the car and ran off. She says she then realized that if he were to get away, he could hurt someone else so she went after him and ended up running him over with her minivan! Aside from some cuts and bruises, everyone was okay.

The bottom line is, ladies, it can be done. Get educated and consider taking a self-defense class or two! As much as we want to feel safe and secure wherever we go, it’s always a good idea to be prepared.