There’s a reason why spring cleaning is a thing. As the world comes out of winter hibernation and spring season flowers begin to bloom, so do we. You can approach self-reinvention the same way you approach your annual home reorganization. Authors of Reinvent Yourself, Russell C. Smith and Michael Foster explain, “Reinvention is a form of time travel. It allows you to change yourself step by step, week by week. It’s your choice. In a year, you’ve reinvented some aspect of, or a large part of your life. You knew what you wanted from life, and you reached for it through time.”

Take stock of your life and figure out what is working, what isn’t and where you’d like to be in a year — emotionally and professionally. Make an effort to streamline and de-clutter your life by learning to say no and carving out a little time every week when you can just focus on you. Start meditating. Practice living life in the moment so you don’t wake up in 10 years feeling as though life passed you by.

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Do your own version of spring training — whatever that means for you. It could be anything from taking a class, taking up a new hobby, starting that job search you’ve been putting off or asking for a much-deserved raise. The season also means that swimsuit weather is just around the corner, so it’s time to start hitting the gym on a regular basis. And if you hate the gym, take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days to get outside and run, walk, bike, etc. As long as you get moving and stop to enjoy nature!

Let the new life exploding all around you inspire you to focus on your goals, appreciate the world around you and begin your journey toward becoming the person you truly want to be.