40 Things You Can Do with Vaseline-SliderPhoto


30. Rub it on threads of light bulbs to keep them from sticking.
The metal base of lightbulbs corrode, particularly with outside lights. Next time you replace the bulb, apply a layer of Vaseline around the metal base. You’ll never break off the glass bulb and leave metal in the socket again.

31. Use it to keep refrigerator racks moving smoothly.
Condensation in a refrigerator makes the drawers and sliding shelves stick. Run a Vaseline-coated cotton swab along the edge of racks and drawers to keep things moving smoothly.

32. Rub it on a sponge to simulate bait when fishing.
Fishermen can make their own bait with a bottled scent or some fish eggs mixed with melted Vaseline and soaked into a piece of sponge. Freeze the bait and use as needed.

33. Prevent rust on outdoor machinery.
For metal tools that are used outdoors, rust is always an issue. Prevent rust by coating metal parts with Vaseline, particularly when storing for a long time.

34. Rub it on babies’ eyebrows to keep shampoo out of their eyes.
Babies love splashing in their baths but hate shampoo in their eyes. Put a streak of Vaseline above the eyebrows and the shampoo will never cause tears.

35. Lightly coat tinder with cottonball dipped in Vaseline.
Remember the full name of Vaseline is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. These easy to make fire starters are lightweight and will start a fire even in adverse conditions. Put a scoop of Vaseline in a plastic baggie, add cotton balls and knead to mix them. Leave a few dry fibers to catch the flame and you’ve got guaranteed campfires every time.

36. Put it on squeaky door hinges.
It’s easier to use than a can of oil and won’t drip onto the floor. And it will stop those squeaks.

37. Protective covering for wounds.
It has no healing properties but it will protect the wound from infection by providing a barrier to bacteria.

38. Loosen tight locks.
Locks tighten and corrode with age. Next time the lock sticks, apply Vaseline to the key and then insert into the lock. You may need to repeat the process, but the lock mechanism will loosen up in no time.

39. Put it on your pet’s paws to protect them from chafing.
Dogs like to walk, even in cold weather. Protect Fido’s paws from irritation caused by deicers or just cold pavement. A thin application of Vaseline provides protection from the elements and chemicals on pavements.