40 Things You Can Do with Vaseline-SliderPhoto


10. Helps heal new tattoos.
It softens skins and sooths the burn of skin art. It also acts as a barrier against infection.

11. Removes makeup stains from clothing.
Rub a small amount of Vaseline on the stain and launder as usual. Great for removing lipstick from napkins too!

12. Put a layer on lips, let sit, and then lightly brush with a toothbrush for soft, kissable lips.
The Vaseline will soften your lips and the tooth brush will remove any loose skin. For a home made lip gloss, tint vaseline with a bit of Kool-aid powder.

13. Put Vaseline on the cut edges of your Halloween jack o’ lantern to keep them fresh.
It’s fun to carve pumpkins but they quickly rot and by Halloween, can be a stinking mess. Spread a layer of Vaseline on the cut edges to retard rot and keep your jack o’lanterns festive.

14. Put Vaseline under the cap of nail polish to keep it from sticking.
Makes mani-pedis a lot easier when you don’t have to fight the cap.

15. Rub on the backs of ankles, knees, and hands prior to spray tan to keep it even.
You’ll avoid streaks if you smooth your skin with Vaseline first.

16. Rub a little Vaseline into tips of hair to prevent split ends.
If it’s time for a trim but the hairdresser can’t see you till next week, rub a bit of Vaseline between your fingers and smooth them over split ends to hide them. Warning–use a very little bit of product.

17. Touch up scuffed boots and bags.
A quick shine with Vaseline will smooth worn spots and make patent leather shine for your job interview or big date.

18. Turn powder eyeshadow or blush into a cream by mixing with Vaseline.
Play with the color till you get the right shade. Eye shadow mixed with Vaseline will last a lot longer and smooth eyes at the same time.

19. Remove water marks from wood.
If clean up after the party found watermarks on your wood furniture, apply a light coat of Vaseline and let it sit overnight. Wipe away in the morning and the watermarks will be gone.