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In 1859, petroleum had just been discovered in Pennsylvania, and a young chemist named Robert Chesebrough traveled there to make his fortune. Chesebrough noticed that workers used “rod wax,” a byproduct of the drilling process, to soften hands and heal cuts. After years of experimentation, Chesebrough perfected a product he called “wonder jelly.” He rode town to town demonstrating the product, often burning his skin on a candle flame to demonstrate the healing power of his product. Later Chesebrough patented the name “Vaseline Jelly” and began production on the product we know today.

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Over the years, Vaseline has relieved a lot of dry skin. But if you’re only using it to keep your skin soft, you’re missing a multitude of uses for this household staple.

1. Put it on your eyelashes at night to make lashes grow longer and thicker.
A thin layer on your lashes will keep them soft and replenish moisture lost to mascara. Within weeks, lashes will be fuller and longer.

2. Soothe chapped lips.
You can purchase Vaseline in a small tube with a roller tip, perfect for application twice a day.

3. Rub it into your cuticles several times a day to keep them soft.
Your manicurist will thank you for this one, and no more torn cuticles.

4. Make your perfume last longer by rubbing it onto perfume points before spritzing.
A trick so easy, wish we’d have thought of it years ago.

5. Put it on your feet and cover with a pair of socks at night to stay sandal-ready.
Smooth rough heels and calluses with this easy bedtime trick. Sandal ready feet in just a week, guaranteed.

6. Apply it to your teeth to keep lipstick from sticking for photo ops.
Ask any Miss America contestant and they’ll tell you this is a beauty queen trick from way back. Smile after smile without a single mishap.

7. It makes a great makeup remover.
Spread a thin layer on your face and use cotton balls or a soft cloth to remove the day’s makeup. Any remaining Vaseline will soften your skin.

8. All-over moisturizer.
It’s inexpensive, it’s fragrance free and it works for every part of your body.

9. Tame unruly eyebrows.
Use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of vaseline and smooth down those brows between waxing.