40 Things You Can Do with Vaseline-SliderPhoto


20. Apply to the insides of candle holders before putting in candles to keep them from sticking.
Candlesticks are a bear to clean even when you don’t burn the candles. Make cleanup easy by applying Vaseline to the inside of the candleholder to make removal easy and to keep wax from sticking.

21. Heal chapped, wind burned skin.
Spend a day in harsh weather, strong wind or cold weather and skin will dry out quickly. Smooth on Vaseline or better yet, smooth on a coat before you expose your skin to the harsh weather.

22. Mix with sea salt to make a body scrub.
Don’t spend money on pricey body scrubs. Mix sea salt with Vaseline and use it the next time you shower to exfoliate.

23. Rub it around hairline pre-color to prevent dye from staining skin.
Before doing the at-home hair coloring, rub Vaseline on skin at the hairline. You’ll avoid that tell tale dye stain.

24. Remove chewing gum from hair.
If you have kids and chewing gum, you’ve run into this problem: chewing gum stuck in the hair. Before you grab the scissors, rub the gum and the hair around it with Vaseline and remove the gum.

25. Prevent car battery corrosion.
A thin layer of Vaseline on the battery posts will slow corrosion and make it a lot easier to switch the battery when it’s time for replacement.

26. Prevent babies’ diaper rash.
Vaseline is inexpensive, and has no fragrance or irritating ingredients. It’s perfect to keep Baby’s tush soft and rash free.

27. Rub it on your shower curtain rod to make curtains slide more easily.
Chemicals in water build up over time and cause the shower curtain rings to stick. Keep them sliding freely by a thin layer of Vaseline on the shower rod. Repeat as needed

28. Lubricate skate & skateboard wheels.
Easy to throw in a duffle bag, it won’t leak or freeze and it’s perfect for loosening up wheels on inline skates and skateboards.

29. Use while scuba diving to keep your mask from leaking.
Before submerging, apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the edge of the facemask. You’ll avoid the leaks that come with underwater exploration.