There are countless options for kids’ video games, with more being uploaded for purchase on Smart Phones and tablet computers every single day. However, many of the available games do nothing to really engage your child’s mind and instead only provide a distraction from the real world. Kids will always play video games, but they don’t have to be mindless games with no real-life value. Video game makers have heard parents and are coming out with educational video games. Here are a few worthwhile options:

Top 5 Educational Video Games for your Techie Kid National Geographic Challenge
Available for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, National Geographic Challenge takes kids on a journey through time and around the globe. Players can go it alone or compete with up to four others, answering questions to claim territories and outsmart other explorers. In the spirit of National Geographic, the game also includes 60 minutes of HD videos and awesome images.

Top 5 Educational Video Games for your Techie KidTeam Umizoomi DS
This is a good option for your little ones. It includes characters from the popular Nickelodeon show by the same name. The emphasis here is on math, with activities that include sorting, counting, matching, adding, comparing and measuring to name a few.

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Top 5 Educational Video Games for your Techie KidSmarty Pants: Trivia for Everyone
Get the whole family involved in this trivia game, where the playing field is level and players answer questions suitable for their age range. Designed for ages “8 to 88,” the game features 20,000 questions in subjects like world history, sports and science.


Top 5 Educational Video Games for your Techie Kid Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
This game includes 15 different activities for single players or competitive challenges for the entire family. You’ll compete in areas of memory, analysis, visual recognition, fast thinking and math. Though this game came out a few years ago, it remains popular and continues to get positive reviews.


Top 5 Educational Video Games for your Techie Kid Wii Endless Ocean: Blue World
Here you’ll explore the undersea world and swim alongside sharks, whales and sea horses. Players can train a dolphin, care for sick sea creatures and dive with other players to explore sunken ships.



As a parent and with the many options available out there, you can sneak in some educational value into your child’s gaming habit. By finding products that combine the gaming that your kids love with good educational content, everyone can be happy.