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How to Limit Your Children’s College Debt

UPDATED January 12th, 2018 College loans are always a long-term burden but, with the current high level of unemployment, they can be a serious nightmare. If your kids are approaching college-age, here are a few secrets to help you keep that debt under control. • Getting the highest possible grades starting in 9th grade will […]

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Staying Motivated in a Tough Job Market

It’s not easy staying motivated in a tough job market. These days millions of people are out there pounding the pavement, looking for a  job, and growing increasingly frustrated. When you’ve been searching for weeks and even months without any progress, it can be difficult to stay the course. Whether you are a single woman […]


Entertain and Engage Your Kids During the Holidays

The holiday season is already in full swing, and as you’re planning and preparing your own to-do list, entertaining the kids during the holiday season can be a challenge. Although this should be a break from the normal school activities, you should plan ahead to avoid them getting endless hours of screen time. The key […]


How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Their Attention

Although some people think the cover letter has seen better days, it definitely still plays an important role when you are applying for a job or even for a freelancing gig. The secret is to write a good cover letter that grabs a potential employer’s attention and gets you invited to that first interview. A […]


How to Take Risks at Work & Succeed

Taking risks at work can benefit you in the long run. It’s no secret that women face a multitude of challenges in the workforce. Now a recent study by Catalyst confirms that working women are often evaluated on their performance while men are rewarded for their potential. In other words, ladies, you have to prove […]


Staying in Touch With Your College-Bound Kid

Staying in touch with your college-age kid is not impossible! College is an exciting time for your high school grad, and of course you’re thrilled that your child is headed off to get a higher education. But if you’re like most Latina moms, though, there’s a little trepidation mixed with the pride. Your life, as […]


Holiday Tipping: Who To Tip and How Much Cash?

Holiday tipping is customary, but how much and to whom? With the recession still looming, it’s even harder to just give money away. But remember that these people provide their invaluable service to us year-round—from the dogwalker to the mailman to your child’s tutor. These hard workers count on these tips as part of their […]


Dress for Success: What to Wear to Your Next Job Interview

Your resume and cover letter landed you a job interview. Congratulations! Now that you’ve researched the company and rehearsed your answers to tough interview questions, you have to decide what to wear to the interview. First impressions are critical and if you’ve ever conducted interviews yourself, you know not everyone has the same idea of […]