Everyone is different, partially because of how we are raised and partially because of who we are from birth. Our personalities, our interests, our behaviors and our attitudes are impacted by so many different forces, and one of the more influential aspects in our life, especially in our love life, just so happens to be the date you were born. That’s right—your astrological sign really does have some bearing on who you are, and the kind of person you are looking for in a relationship. And with a dating world that’s scary and unpredictable enough, isn’t it nice to have a little cheat sheet to help you navigate your relationship? So let’s talk about the Taurus in love, because their birthdays are up next (someone who is born between April 20th and May 20th).

According to astrology experts, a Taurus is loyal, dependable, generous, loving and an excellent friend. They will stand by you no matter what and they fiercely protect the people and things they love. According to Elite Daily, “as an Earth sign ruled under the goddess of Venus, you’ll be sure to get a dose of sensuality, stubbornness and, above all, realness” with a Taurus. Beyond that, according to Astrology Weekly, a Taurus is “self-reliant, painstakingly patient, and stubborn—bullish, in other words.” Which makes sense; this sign is represented by the bull, so it seems appropriate that a Taurus be a bit stuck in his or her ways. In addition, a Taurus is very in-tune with nature, very down-to-earth, very creative, sensitive and driven.

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So what does that mean for you if you are in a romantic relationship with a Taurus? A lot, actually. Let’s start with the fact that they are loyal—this is an excellent quality to have in a partner. You know they will stick by you and have your back no matter what. Traditionally speaking a Taurus will be faithful, but because they are sensitive, they’ll also expect the same behavior, dedication and love from you in return. And if that loyalty is not reciprocated, they will have a hard time moving past that betrayal.


Taurus are typically really successful in the business world because they have strong perseverance and they chase down their goals relentlessly. That dedication to a task is what makes them good at their jobs, but it’s a skill that also makes them great in relationships. According to Elle.com, if you are a Taurus your saving grace is “your unwavering ability to prevail through trying circumstances.” No matter what the obstacles in your career or your relationship, you find a way to power through and work out your issues until you succeed, and that level of dedication is a crucial ingredient in a loving and long-term relationship.


Here’s another cool thing about the Taurus in love: Taurus are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, which means you can expect a lot of love, both emotionally physically speaking. Taurus are notoriously passionate and sensual. They crave the sensual experiences in love and will work hard to make sure their partner is equally satisfied, so you’ll never be bored with a Taurus, if you know what we mean, and we think you do.

So far it seems like a Taurus is a perfect match right? But before you run out and accept a date with anyone and everyone born between April 20th and May 20th, let’s discuss the potentially negative aspects of being with a Taurus. After all, no one is perfect. With the strong sense of loyalty comes a bit of stubbornness, which can cause tension in a relationship if you don’t agree and neither one of you is willing to budge or compromise. In addition, when a Taurus puts on his or her stubborn hat, it can be hard to get out of that mindset, and the result is a somewhat lazy attitude when it comes to doing things they do not want to do. In addition, a Taurus is very sensitive, which is great when it comes to openly discussing their feelings and being in tune with your needs and emotions. It’s not so great when they take everything personally and allow their insecurities to affect their day. In other words, be mindful of how a Taurus will react or take offense and work to make sure they don’t take things too personally.