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10 Reasons Circumcision is So Controversial-MainPhoto

10 Reasons Circumcision is So Controversial

May 2 is Baby Day, where we celebrate the babies of the world! We love babies (our own anyway, most of the time) and try to always treat them with kindness and compassion, even when the crying makes us want to gouge our eyes out… Where were…
15 Reasons Why Casual Sex Rules-MainPhoto

15 Reasons Why Casual Sex Rules

Lover’s Day is April 23 and we’re excited for this ‘holiday’ based on Spain’s equivalent of Valentine’s Day, St. George’s Day (La Diada de Sant Jordi). While Valentine’s Day is pretty much always about and exclusively for couples…
Latinas More Likely to Suffer From Condition That Causes Painful Sex-MainPhoto

Latinas More Likely to Suffer From Condition That Causes Painful Sex

Vulvodynia is a condition that makes it painful for women to have intercourse, use tampons, or even sit. According to a new study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Latinas are twice as likely as non-Latina women…
Premature Menopause Symptoms & Reasons-MainPhoto

Premature Menopause: Symptoms & Reasons

Whenever I heard the words “menopause” or “postmenopausal women” I used to picture gray-haired abuelitas. I never expected menopause could sneak up on you in your 40s! It turns out that a number of reasons, from medical treatments…
Urinary Incontinence After Pregnancy-MainPhoto

Urinary Incontinence After Pregnancy

As if our bodies don’t go through enough changes during pregnancy and childbirth, many of us also have to deal with urinary incontinence. For many women, sneezing, coughing, laughing or having sex—during and after pregnancy—is enough…
Sex Talk When and How to Educate Your Kids-MainPhoto

Sex Talk: When and How to Educate Your Kids

Sex talk with the kids is not an easy issue. You’re in the car with your kids listening to a pop station. Suddenly, the lyrics explode in your ears: And I know you be getting so horny Cause you be sending me texts Like boy just get your…
Unfaithful spouse

I'm Tempted To Be Unfaithful! What to Do?

You have a solid relationship with your spouse. Your sexual and emotional life are just fine, although perhaps not as steamy as it used to be. Now you have a routine, kids, financial responsibilities, in laws to deal with … For a while…

For World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

My first encounter with AIDS was in 1993. I visited a friend at the hospital and stayed with him as he died. He was in the emptiest, most solitary part of the hospital. There were few visitors (if any) on that hospital floor, as if they had…
Flashback 1991 Magic Johnson announces he is HIV positive-MainPhoto

Magic Johnson Announces he is HIV Positive in 1991; Flashback

Basketball superstar Magic Johnson made the shocking announcement that he had tested HIV positive and was immediately retiring from basketball. While HIV/AIDS had previously been associated only with homosexuals and drug addicts, Johnson’s…