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Pheromone Parties: Love at First Sniff

If you think online dating is not intimate enough; if you miss the good old days of straight up tangy humanity, and if you long for an earthy, nitty-gritty alternative to mate-finding in today’s over-digitized world—behold (or rather…

ACA: Educating Women, Keeping Families Healthy

Growing up, I always thought my health rested in my mother’s hands and Vicks® Vaporub®. In reality, my family’s health rested in my mother’s dedication—to keeping our doctor’s appointments and eating healthfully. And too often,…

Sex Offenders At School: Who Bears Responsibility of Notifying Parents?

A few months ago, a parent at Trinity Lutheran Christian School, nestled in the Anaheim Hills between Disneyland and rugged wild canyons, discovered that another parent was a registered sex offender listed on the California State Attorney…

What Our Skin Reveals About Reproductive Health

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Since skin is our largest organ, changes in the appearance of our skin are not only visible to the naked eye in many instances, but also may reflect the health—or not—of our internal organs. One of the most…

The Reproductive Health Debate: Why We Should Be Mad as Hell!

The reproductive health debate is leaving out important considerations. I am a woman. I am a Black Latina. I also happen to be a single unmarried mom to a beautiful daughter, who is half African American. But apparently, I am a scourge on…

Teen Motherhood: I Did It, But Don’t Recommend It

I've had the teen motherhood experience. was 15 when I found out I was pregnant, and everything changed for me in an instant.  I was terrified, and yet for me, like many other Latina teens, neither abortion nor adoption was an option.  It’s…

Keeping Your Child Safe from Predators

It’s a sickening and enraging thought that my tween son and teenage niece are considered fair game in the sexual exploits of  predators. But as disturbing as the thought of a sexual predator is, the truth is child molesters lurk all around…

The 5 Health Tests You Must Have This Year (For Real!)

We know how it is: You work hard at a job all day, then come home and have to get dinner on the table. You make sure the kids do their homework, try to have a complete conversation with the man in your life, take care of the house, and hopefully…

Sexless in the City: Living with Mami

Mami was a good girl from Los Naranjos in the Dominican Republic. She was the second of nine children, which means my abuela and abuelo were very, uh, loving. Being second in command, mami had many responsibilities growing up, including wiping…