Double Duty: The Challenge and Beauty of Raising Twins

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No one is ready for the reality of raising twins. When you get pregnant you have all sorts of doubts, concerns, and lets be honest, absolute freak-outs. Even if a pregnancy was planned, it is still totally terrifying when the pee stick turns…

Freshman Parenting: 15 Key Lessons Every New Mom & Dad Should Know

If you're expecting, you know it can seem like everyone has advice for new parents and vital pearls of wisdom that will make you the best mom and dad in the world. Having your first baby is one of the most thrilling and terrifying undertakings…

Trimester Jester: 10 Ways to Keep Your Humor During Your Pregnancy

Ah, the miracle of life. When you're 18 weeks pregnant, you've made it through the first trimester and (hopefully) morning sickness is a thing of the past. At this point your growing baby is making him or herself known to you—and the world…

Seasonally Stumped: 14 Christmas Gifts for Mom that She'll Love

UPDATED: August 1st, 2016  Every December we face the same challenge—finding just the right Christmas gifts for mom. How do you come up with exciting new ideas, year after year, worthy of the woman who gave you life? Especially if she…

Feliz Mamidad! 8 Fun Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Mom

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Unless you’re five years old, Christmas gifts for mom need to go beyond a handmade ornament loaded with glitter. Some moms are easy to buy for, some not so easy and for some, we’re just clueless.  As author Sarah Dessen puts it: “The…

15 New Baby Gadgets That are Making Moms Go Ga-Ga

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If you think that childbirth is the toughest part about bringing a baby into this world, you might want to sit down. Your friends won't tell you this, but here goes—pushing out a baby is easy. It's when you start RAISING a baby that things…

The Art of the Wind Down: 12 Ways to Slow Your Baby Down in Preparation for Bed

UPDATED: August 1st, 2016 No matter what stage your baby is in, from those first days of endless nap-eat-poop loops to months later when he is sleeping mostly at night, you will never stop wanting to refine his bedtime routine and find better…

Sunny Side Up? 15 Facts About Your Baby Sleeping Positions

If your mom or mother-in-law is vocal and gives you baby advice, baby sleeping positions is probably one of your most common clashes. Medical views on how to keep babies safest while sleeping have changed since previous generations who, fearing…

The Art of Clocking It: 18 Key Reasons Why Your Infant Loves Routine

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Your pediatrician will probably send you home with varying degrees of advice about building your infant’s routine. Some might encourage you to impose a strict feeding and sleeping schedule, while others may feel this is dubious advice, which…