Micro Yoda: 20 Reasons Why Your Newborn is the Best Teacher You’ll Ever Have

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Wrinkled and tiny, though fortunately not green, your newborn may resemble the wise Jedi master, Yoda, in more than just looks. The overwhelming feeling of love and tenderness becoming a parent instills is not surprising. We feel it instantly…

Baby Got Back: 13 Ways to Think About Infants with Rolls

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Between buying clothes sized for babies a whole year older and all of the statistics on infant and childhood obesity rising, you might be beginning to worry about your little one’s fourth chin. But are those pudgy little wrists that look…

Ageless Awareness: 20 Ways to Raise Toddlers to Use Mindfulness

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Between the ages of one and three your toddler is rapidly developing into a whole little person. She’s likely learning to move around the world and to communicate her desires. He’s probably coming up against the edges of his universe daily,…

15 Hidden Super Powers of Your Left-Handed Kid

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Once upon a time, we’re talkin’ the Middle Ages here, left-handed kids were thought to be possessed by demons and were put to death. Lucky for you, and your left-handed kid, we’ve become increasingly aware of the awesomeness that left-handed…

15 Ways Latina Moms Better Prepare Their Kids for the 21st Century

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August 26 is Women’s Equality Day so we say it’s time to celebrate you! Along with that, we’re embracing your rich culture and Latina perspective and the ways you’re helping your kids get ahead. Successful children are inquiry-based…

Hot List: The 15 TED Talks Every Latina Mom Should watch

Even though TED Talks might seem relatively new, the whole thing really began in 1984.The concept started with Tech, Entertainment, and Design ideas shared in a delightfully informal, easy to digest format, and from that simple beginning TED…

19 Facts Every Latina Mom Needs to Know About the Immigration Debate

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Since October, it is estimated that approximately 57,000 Central American immigrant children have entered the United States. Reportedly, 80% are from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and another 30,000 children are expected to emigrate…

Jealous of Your Back-to-School kids? 15 Awesome Courses You Can Take Online

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We’re the first to admit there’s something about the end of summer and beginning of fall that brings back memories of those first days of school. We even admit that we’re more excited than our kids about school supply shopping. There’s…
15 Star Moms Celebrate First Mother’s Day-MainPhoto

15 Star Moms Celebrate First Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day from Celebrity Baby Scoop! Especially to those celebrating their very first Mother's Day! Yeah, we know what you're thinking: Every day really should be Mother's Day, considering how hard we work to make life as smooth…