11 Latin Types of Cheese You Need in Your Life

As Latin cuisine becomes more prevalent worldwide, demand for its authentic cheeses has risen along with its popularity. Although Latin American cheeses have similarities to their Spanish and Portuguese roots, different climates, elevations…

The Fresh Cilantro Enigma: Why do Some People Hate it?

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When it comes to fresh cilantro, also known as coriander, it seems there is no grey area: it’s either love or hate. If you were raised in a Latino or Asian household, you probably pile the unassuming green herb that looks like parsley onto…

14 Unique Spanish Phrases & Expressions You Wish Had English Translations

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Have you ever traveled to Latin America or Spain and been stumped on how to translate an expression into English? Everyone has. In theory, every phrase or word can be roughly translated into English. But when linguists talk about “untranslatable”…

Gracias Hollywood: 13 Iconic Films that Take Place in Latin America

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 We often hear how the magic of Hollywood turns everyday places into exotic locales. Pastures become battlefields, streets from one city mimic those of another and with a bit of computer help, monsters walk among us.…