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Danger Zone: 5 Toxic Chemicals You Need to Drop from Your Life

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We are learning more about how many toxic chemicals we're exposed to in our daily lives and their effect on our bodies — short-term and long-term — is truly frightening. Moms everywhere have been both horrified by the scope of Flint, Michigan's…

How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden You’ll Actually Use

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When you’re whipping up dinner and the recipe calls for some fresh herbs, do you freak out when you realize you don’t have anything close to fresh basil or mint? And a trip to the grocery store doesn’t seem all that realistic when you’re…

How to Clean an Oven Like a Total Pro

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Have you thought about how to clean an oven lately? If you consider yourself to be a clean person then you probably tend to the more visible areas of your home on a regular basis. You clean your floors, make the bed, wash countertops, do the…

Close Out the Clutter: 12 Books About Getting Organized

Whether it’s your home or your head, we all create clutter. Peter Walsh, an organizational expert and former host of The Learning Channel's Clean Sweep told WebMd, that he divides our messes into two general types: “Memory clutter is…

Queen of Clean: 10 Laundry Hacks Your Life Needs Now

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Not only does laundry seem like a never-ending chore for most of us, the supplies can get pretty expensive when you add up the cost of detergent, fabric softener, bleach, stain fighter, dryer sheets, etc. It turns out there are quite a few…

How to Transform a Nook in your House into Your Personal Sanctuary

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In this busy world we live in, everyone needs a nook to retreat to; whether it’s to read a restorative book, mediate or sip your favorite beverage. Designating a place in your home for your personal use is important because each time you…

Ace Your Space: 7 Affordable Furniture Brands that Aren’t Ikea

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Decorating your home with affordable furniture is no easy task. It requires time, creativity, patience, vision, passion and some really great products. Before you plan to dip into your savings account, we’ve got good news for you: it can…

A Mad Men Makeover: How to Work Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Home

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Our love affair with Mad Men has reignited the craze for mid-century modern furniture and décor. Since it became popular in the 50's, mid-century modern style has always had a die-hard following of collectors and enthusiasts. Its timelessness…

Indoor Garden of Eden: Mastering the Art of Hanging Planters

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If you’re yearning to create your own private Babylon indoors, hanging planters are all you need. They can even provide modern, industrial spaces with a touch of old-fashioned tranquility. The British gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh told…