In this busy world we live in, everyone needs a nook to retreat to; whether it’s to read a restorative book, mediate or sip your favorite beverage. Designating a place in your home for your personal use is important because each time you sit there, you automatically know that it’s time to go inward. Any kind of nook can serve as a sanctuary so long as it’s quiet, secluded and free from distractions. According to the authors of the book Overcoming Overload by Mary and Steve Farr: “Your cell phone battery does not maintain power for three or four weeks [ …]You have to recharge your battery. You have to plug it in. A sanctuary is a place you recharge your batteries. It’s a place where you reinvigorate your spirit.”

Nooks are perfect for building in the corners of a home, in front of windows, underneath a staircase or in a closet you really don’t need. Once you find that perfect place for your future sanctuary, here are some things you’ll need to transform that space into the ultimate a relax-nook.

Cozy Chair
The chair is the most important aspect of a nook. It’s where you plan to plop yourself down and relax, so make sure it’s super comfortable. Something soft and padded is ideal. A simple, deep, high-backed chair for instance and well-positioned lamp, will give a relatively open corner a feeling of privacy. 

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Hanging with a Hammock
Who needs an ordinary chair when you can have a cradle for grownups? If you’ve ever taken a siesta in a hammock tied between two Palm trees you know that there is a heaven on earth. If you can’t fit a full-size hammock anywhere in your apartment, seat-hammocks are perfect for small apartments.

Side Table and Altar
Once you’ve found that perfect seat, a small side table to place your cup of tea, wine, book, phone, candle, incense holder, what be it, on top of, is also important. It transforms into your own little altar as well.


An Awesome Lamp
Whether it’s an Ikea standing lamp, clip on lamp or table lamp, make sure you provide your nook with the right amount of light for curling up with a good book with or for writing in your journal late at night.


A Statement Plant
Their leafy green elegance adds life and added oxygen to any sanctuary. Plants are perfect nook buddies: Not only do they remain quiet and still, they add color, and fill out a space nicely with their decorative presence.

Self-Snuggle Blanket
Last but not least, this is perhaps the most important detail: a comfy blanket. A warm blanket made for one with a rich, textured print or a simple, white organic cotton one thrown over an arm chair when you’re not there, will make that sanctuary nook something you can’t wait to curl up into a ball in when the need strikes you. Ahhhh.