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How to Upcycle a Kitchen Drawer

 UPDATED November 16th, 2017 I love planting succulents, I don't know a whole lot about them, but to me having these your home is the  modern way to live! It also adds a natural element to your home decor. From kitchen drawer, upcycle…
How to Build Your Own Home Theater-MainPhoto

DIY Your Own Home Theater

UPDATED November 15th, 2017 If you’re a movie aficionado with a massive archive of converted DVDs stored on a terabyte-sized hard drive, having a personal home theater is a real treat. But it’s an expensive one. Home theaters can easily…

Garden & Plant Safety For Your Baby

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UPDATED November 14th, 2017 As the weather warms, I’m anxious to plant some annuals outside my front door and nurture my little garden out back. With small children, I tend to cling to the little pleasures like bright, pretty colors guiding…

The Simple Art of Folding at Home Correctly

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Raise your hand if you hate laundry day more than just about any other day of the week, even more than Sunday (which also happens to be our laundry day). You’re not alone. Anyone who claims they love washing and folding at home is lying,…

15 Ways to Make A Cozy Room Right Now

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When it's cold and snowy outside, you need to cozy room inside for a warm retreat to ward off the winter blahs. If your nook just doesn't quite have that settle in and read a book or share cocoa with friends feel, we've got you covered. Here…

Organize and Declutter Your Home Now! 7 Things Parents Needs to Practice Before Back-to-School Fills a House With Grime

Back-to-school means less fun and more work for the entire family. Above all, it means a cluttered home requiring constant tidying and organizing. Sad as it is, a clean home is a school year’s biggest victim. And while disorganization is…

Germ Ninjas: 11 Surprising Ways Germs Sneak Into Your Home

Germs are sneaky little suckers; even when you think your house cleaning skills seem responsibly tidy and dependable, you armed with the best cleaning supplies money can buy, germs creep into your personal space in the most surprising, and…

Garden of Eden: How to Graft Your Own Plants to Grow Some New Ones

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Have you ever even heard the word graft? Ok, let’s back up. There is something really fulfilling about having fresh plants in your home and having a gorgeous garden to call your own; it can not only be beautiful to look at, but having fresh…

How to Choose Great Home Art

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The art world can seem like an overwhelming place, especially if you slept through art history back in college. In fact, as Huff Post reports, recent survey by online art dealer UGallery, found that “70 percent of people have never bought…