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After School Cool: 15 Out-of-the-Box Activities for Your Kid to Try This Year

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At a young age we learn much of what guides us through life and children are magnets—their brains attract and hold onto new information without even trying. That’s why in this age of video games and TV babysitters, it’s crucial to give…

Giving Back: 15 Awesome Gift Ideas for that Extra Special Teacher in Your Kid’s Life

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We all had favorite teachers. Perhaps yours was the one who let you get away with murder because he saw your true potential and believed in you, or maybe it was that teacher who inspired you to reach for the stars. Perhaps your favorite teacher…

Cultivate & Activate: 10 Tips on Helping Kids with Finding a Passion

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Whether you like it or not (and whether it’s coming from you or elsewhere), there is tremendous pressure on kids today for finding a passion—as early as possible. Part of that is only natural since we, as a species, tend to want to find…

Getting Testy: 15 Ways Latina Moms can Help Their Kids get SAT Ready

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High school can be stressful…and we’re not even talking about peer pressure or raising teens. Turns out, it’s no easy task preparing your children for adulthood. Especially when it is time for the dreaded “S” word—the SATs. Many…

Homework Affairs: 10 Ways to Help Your Kids Strategize their Workload

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Back-to-school means homework stress for kids...and parents. It’s part of our job to help our kids manage their time and workload—including recognizing when they need help with homework—so they can get the most out of school. A Swedish…

The Scholarly Traveler: 10 Ways to Make Your Family Vacay Educational

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Summer is over and school’s back in session. You’re settling into your old routine, your kids are back to homework and after-school activities and it’s almost like summer never happened. So naturally it’s time to think about your next…

10 Reasons Why Parents Should Stop Getting Student Loans for their Kids

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Student loans suck. Collectively, we’ve got the equivalent of a Malibu mansion in student loan debt, so as a whole new generation is starting college this topic hits close to home. Even if you’ve been really good about saving money for…

15 Ways to Achieve Mastery of Anything

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From your golf game to your kids’ video gaming console, most activities of interest require a level mastery that can be attained by following some guidelines that are designed to make you better at...well...pretty much anything! That’s…

Hot List: The 15 TED Talks Every Latina Mom Should watch

Even though TED Talks might seem relatively new, the whole thing really began in 1984.The concept started with Tech, Entertainment, and Design ideas shared in a delightfully informal, easy to digest format, and from that simple beginning TED…