As we become increasingly aware of the dangerous chemicals in conventional cosmetics, natural haircare products are looking more and more attractive. Words like parabens, phthalates and sulfates are reason enough to seek out natural, chemical-free products for face, body and hair. Our hair is especially vulnerable, as conventional hair products may contain irritating components linked to skin rashes, eye health issues and even cancer. Some of these ingredients can stay in your system your entire life.

To play it safe and to give Mother Earth a break, we invite you to try these new alternatives: hair products made out of natural and organic components that are good not only for your mane but also the environment. Many well-known brands are jumping on the natural bandwagon as well, and are using recyclable packaging and abstaining from harsh chemicals in their popular formulas.

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Mamiverse’s Favorite Pure & Natural Haircare Products

100% Pure Honey & Virgin Coconut Restorative Shampoo ($18) • An all-natural shampoo, without detergents or chemicals and yes—totally pure! The combination of coconut with honey, rose, aloe and vegan ingredients will hydrate your hair while leaving it clean (note that most shampoos leave residue), soft, and with a tropical scent that will transport you to Hawaii—well, not really, but a girl can dream!

Josie Maran Argan Hot Oil Self-Heating Hair Treatment ($36) • Top model and mother of two, Josie Maran, adds a chic touch to everything she does—and her haircare line is no exception. These amazing ampules contain Josie’s famous Argan oil, which will repair damaged hair with its self-heating formula. You can use it weekly, in the shower, for the strongest and shiniest hair ever! Don’t be scared of hair oils, by the way—most of what you’ve heard are myths.

Lush Caca Henna Hair Dyes ($25.95) • We all know the pros and cons of dying our hair with henna. Although it’s much better than commercial hair dyes, it can be much messier. This henna bar from Lush is vegan and will provide shinier, healthier and softer results. It won’t drastically alter your hair color; it’s more like a glaze to enhance dull hues. Though it’s a bit pricey, it’s one of the few natural haircolor alternatives out there. And…don’t be put off by the name!

Mamiverse’s Favorite Pure & Natural Haircare Products

Avalon Organics Conditioner Biotin B-Complex ($10) • As a new mom, I’m still worried about losing my hair, especially without having time enough to wash it properly. To this end, I use conditioner; and while I’m planning on taking Biotin vitamins, for now I’m sticking to this wonderful product. It contains organic, vegan ingredients that help to thicken hair and boost volume.

Nature’s Gate Tea Tree and Blue Cypress Soothing Shampoo ($9) • A flaky, itchy scalp is uncomfortable and embarrassing. For treatment, we were often told to use shampoos, conditioners or two-in-one formulas filled with harsh chemicals. Luckily, things have changed and this gem by Nature’s Gate will become a must-have for eco-friendly women. Its organic components (including peppermint and tea tree oil) freshen your scalp while soothing irritated skin.

Bosley Healthy Hair Moisture Masque ($36) • Featuring mango seeds, avocado oils, red wine and a 100% vegan formula, this hair mask locks in moisture, so your mane will look and feel shinier and healthier. Over time, it repairs damaged hair and helps strengthen it. A big plus? It’s color-safe!

Mamiverse’s Favorite Pure & Natural Haircare Products

Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme ($50) • Need a reason to splurge? Leonor Greyl products are as French as champagne, plus they’re infused with natural oils (especially the aceite de palma which comes from a sustainable source in Colombia) that detangle and soften even the roughest, straw-like hair. This is an investment you won’t regret.

Agave Oil Treatment ($24-$40) • Thanks to the sugars of the agave plant from Mexico (very popular among vegans and healthy-lifestyle enthusiasts these days), you’ll be able to tame frizz while restoring and conditioning your hair. It will improve and protect color and adds instant shine without weighing hair down. This is a total multi-tasking product for busy moms!

Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner ($34) • Consider this the perfect cocktail for your hair—the lighter side is a rich plant-derived cream; while the amber one is a rare blend (hence the name) of seven oils from different parts of the word. A couple of squeezes and few minutes later, this infusion will rescue your hair, making it glossier and healthier.