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Mix It Up on Father's Day: Mamiverse Interviews Cocktails Maestro Juan David Marin

UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Father's Day is upon us and if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, there’s still time to give him something special. Behold Scottish whiskey. Mamiverse talked with Colombian Mixologist, Juan David Marin,…

Father’s Day Brunch Ideas that Man Up the Mood

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Mother's Day usually gets more pomp and circumstance, so cooking up a homemade Father's Day brunch is an excellent way to give Dad a little well-deserved pampering on his day — which was actually inspired by Mother's…

Sonic Papa: Your Go-To Father's Day Best Dad Music Playlist

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Nothing says happy Father's Day like the perfect dad music playlist. Think about it, most dads have to relinquish control of everyday at-home music to mom and the kids, having to sneak off to his man-cave or put on…

Dads & Their Diaper Disasters

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We men like to maintain a facade of unflappability. Nothing... not the daily commute, a backed-up toilet, or the new puppy eating the brand new sofa, can upset our personal apple cart. Well, guys, it's time to come clean (literally) because,…

Freshman Parenting: 15 Key Lessons Every New Mom & Dad Should Know

If you're expecting, you know it can seem like everyone has advice for new parents and vital pearls of wisdom that will make you the best mom and dad in the world. Having your first baby is one of the most thrilling and terrifying undertakings…

Father Christmas: 18 Holiday Gifts that are Perfect for Your Dad

Time is running out to find the perfect Christmas presents for Dad! Sometimes dads can be even harder to shop for than the pickiest moms. It's all too easy to default to the standard tie, dress shirt or sports memoir. Yawn. If you can't remember…

14 Cosmetic Products Your Man Will Love

You say the word cosmetics to a man and he hears makeup. He thinks bright lipstick and fake eyelashes. Just the thought makes him think of his older sister hogging the bathroom, or the reason you are always late to parties. However, today…

20 Celeb Dads We Heart Every Day

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There are a million ways to be a great dad and just as many reasons why we love the men in our children’s lives. That said, it can be challenging to find celebrity role models when it comes to fatherhood. Not every male celeb with spawn…

The Big Papa Playlist: 15 Songs About Fathers to Celebrate His Day

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On Father’s Day, June 5, we celebrate dads and all they mean in our lives. Fathers Day was conceived by Sonora Louise Smart Dodd in 1909—a true daddy’s girl no doubt. Ms. Dodd tirelessly promoted the idea of Father’s Day until Woodrow…