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How to Stop Running Late to Everything

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If you are someone who is constantly running late, then you know the struggle of being prompt (or more accurately, never being prompt) is real. And if you are always on time, then you know how annoying it is to deal with a friend/colleague/family…

9 New Ways to Redefine Your Personal Integrity This Year

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January has come and gone, and as we move into the second month of the year, it’s a great time to take a step back and look at the core of your integrity, where you are as far as your goals are concerned, or maybe more importantly, to look…

Benefits of Drawing Your To-Do List (Instead of Writing It)

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In today’s busy, competitive and sometimes overwhelming world, we all struggle to stay on top of our tasks and remember all of our responsibilities. Our brains can only handle so much, and that’s why we have lists. The to-do list can be…

In Defense of Using Your Handwriting

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In a world of keyboards, handwriting is quickly becoming a quaint relic from the olden days. Typing is so much faster, our entire lives are captured in mobile devices, it's hard to imagine why anyone would bother beyond the occasional thank-you…

Happy Crabby: Here's Why Cancerian Signs Love Being at Home

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Your zodiac sign says a lot about you; it can have a huge impact on your personality, your likes and dislikes, your habits, your desires and your behavior. And even if you don’t think that you believe in the power of astrological signs,…

How to Win an Argument with Integrity

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Raise your hand if you want to know how to win an argument. Even the most peaceful people have arguments from time to time. It’s a part of being human and interacting with people who you might not always agree with. It’s normal to butt…

The Art of Showing Up for Life

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In life, success doesn’t just come to those who wish for it. Success doesn’t happen when you coast through your day, drifting from task to task with little motivation and zero passion. For better or worse, being gifted and smart is not…

Are You the Kind of Person Who Can’t Take Criticism or Constructive Feedback?

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Generally speaking, we would all prefer to receive constant praise and avoid criticism at all costs. It’s not fun to be told what you are doing wrong or what could be better, and it feels really good to receive positive feedback and compliments.…

How to Live Life With No Regrets

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We all have fears, we have things we are afraid of, and worries that hold us back from achieving what we set out to do. It’s totally normal and common to live with fear from time to time. The issue arises when those fears control you, prevent…