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15 Ways to Help Your Kid Rock it this School Year

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School culture has become increasingly competitive over recent years. Everyone wants to make sure that his or her child comes out on top, and the kids are invested too. We, of course, want our kids to live up to their full potential but we’re…

7 Life-Hacks That Will Cut Your Back-to-School Expenses in Half

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Before you know it, summer will come to a close. You’ll not only feel it in cooler days, but also in the school supply lists that start piling into your mailbox. We all know back-to-school expenses can take a large chunk of money out of…

8 Ways to Ease Your Kids Into a Back-to-School Mindset

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Ugh, change. No one is good at it, and few of us like it. And the transition from summer vacation back to school can be particularly shocking for kids and parents alike. After weeks of free time and flexible schedules, no homework and fluctuating…
5 Tips to Manage After-School Activities-MainPhoto

5 Tips to Manage After-School Activities

Long gone are the days when kids got off the school bus and played outside until Mom called, Dinner! Whether you work from home, outside the home or are your household’s CEO—moms are very busy these days—and so are our kids. Today’s…
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Books to Help Your Children Get Back to School

Back to school books abound in contemporary children’s literature. From Kevin Henkes’ endearing Chrysanthemum (Mulberry Books), to the fun If You Take a Mouse to School (HarperCollins), and every other serialized character that has, at…
10 Reasons Moms Are Glad It’s Back to School Season-MainPhoto

10 Reasons Moms Are Glad It’s Back to School Season

Summer vacation is over! While this may bring tears to our kids’ eyes, we moms are weeping out of sheer joy! After wearing our “summer activity planner” hat for three months, we’re kind of glad it’s back to school season. Here’s…

Parent-Teacher Collaboration for Your Child's Success

As an elementary school teacher, at the beginning of each school year, I’m always hopeful that parents will take an interest in their child’s schooling. I hope they’ll come to Orientation Day and introduce themselves to me, or send…

Think Twice Before Paying Kids for Good Grades

Have parents succumbed to the same pressure as schools—to push students to get good grades and test scores at all costs? A Time magazine editorial suggests that while more and more parents are paying kids for good grades, they may want…

Moms' Back to School Spending Habits

Every mom knows that back to school is an exciting and expensive time of year. Books, clothes, supplies, and fees can add up to quite a hefty sum. This infographic from Parenting.com and Citi’s Women & Co. offers an interesting breakdown…