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School Outfits for First Day back!

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Fab School Outfits for First Day back!! Here are 5 fab first day back school outfit ideas to give you some back to school style inspiration. For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse!

How-To Video: Makeup for Glasses

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Who says guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses? This fantastic how-to video gives you easy tips for looking fab in your glasses. It’s the perfect back to school makeup for glasses tutorial (and these looks work just as well…
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Healthy Back To School Breakfasts

Every morning you can hear me yell “vaaaamoooonoosss!” as I need my children to hurry up and finish whatever it is they decided is more important than being on time for school. As a working mom, at that moment I may be on the phone with…
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´Twas The Night Before The First Day of School

On the night before the first day of school (in many Southern states we start on the 20th of August this year) I lay in bed awake, recapping on the resolutions I made on the first day of summer vacation. Back then I had a plan: I was going…

Follow Friday Back-to-School Blogger Roundup

Who did you #FF today? It's always a tough call, because there are so many wonderful and interesting Tweeps out there. We do appreciate those who follow us, tweet and retweet and comment on our new ventures. So today is the last vacation…

What to Do if You Missed Tax-Free Sales Week

Seventeen of the eighteen states that have enacted a state sales tax holiday have held theirs over the past few weeks; Texas has it slated for the weekend of August 17-19. Are you kicking yourself because you missed your window of opportunity…
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Books That Help Kids Transition to Back-to-School

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With the school year fast approaching, along with all the first day jitters, kids can feel very anxious about starting a new grade, making new friends and having a new teacher. I know this first-hand, both as a mom and an elementary school…
Back-to-School Immunization Checklist!

Back-to-School Immunization Checklist!

Don’t let your child fall ill from a disease that could have been prevented by a childhood immunization. As September approaches and you put together your back-to-school checklist, keep in mind that certain vaccines are required before…
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10 Back-to-School Must Haves

Already have that back-to-school shopping list ready? Before you head out, take a moment to look at our top 10 school essentials and compare. For extra savings, be sure to take advantage of the tax-free shopping weekends in your state. 1.…