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10 Things to Do Before Summer is Over

We all do it, the beginning of summer rolls around and we make a list of all the things we want to do. Places we want to go, talents we want to learn, things we want to try. Come September we’ve done none of it. It’s really easy to get…

Mom-Tested Tips for Surviving Summer Vacation

For some families, summertime is something they eagerly look forward to because it means family vacations and field trips to all those places they don’t get to visit during the school year. But for others, summer vacation brings with it…

Keep Kids Learning at Home with Work Stations

As a classroom teacher for many years, I have learned to always have a plan for my day. In fact, teachers know that if you don’t plan ahead, the result will be chaos. The same goes for the home. If you are a parent will little ones underfoot,…

Celebrate Girl Scouts Power!

You know that Girl Scout Cookies are tasty, but did you know that they’re the bedrock of the largest girl-led business in the world? That’s right: a hundred and one years after its first meeting, the Girl Scouts are—and always have been—all…

7 Outdoor Activities for a Rainy Day!

The rainy days of spring will soon be upon us, and that means afternoons spent with the kids cooped up indoors, right? Wrong! Perhaps you have a list of indoor rainy day activities but let’s expand our idea of what a rainy day means when…