Why You Should Date and Marry A Single Dad-MainPhoto


I once went on a few dates with a single dad who only saw his young daughter a few times a year, even though she lived just an hour from him. When I asked him if it bothered him that he saw her so infrequently, he shrugged and said, “It’s just the way it is.” This struck me as odd at the time, and it turned me off this guy. A man who can be so nonchalant and disengaged from his own offspring is a man who probably shouldn’t have had kids to begin with. He’s a father in name only. And if you have kids or you want kids, or even if you just want a caring, compassionate man, this ain’t the guy. It doesn’t matter if his wife cheated or his marriage was a disaster—his children deserve a dad and shouldn’t have to live without one just because his marriage sucked and he hates his ex. A committed dad will find a way to spend time with his kids and call at least a shaky truce with his ex.