Why You Should Date and Marry A Single Dad-MainPhoto


If you’re a single mom who is dating, you may have found that dating childless men just doesn’t work that well. They don’t understand the demands of parenthood and the stress of being a single parent, and they may even resent that you give your kids so much attention. But a single dad gets it. He’s in the same boat as you. Even if he doesn’t have full custody of his child or children, he’ll better be able to relate to your challenges as a single mom, and the heartache that can come along with raising children after divorce or break-up. He’s not going to mind that your kids have to come along on your movie date, or occasionally crawl in bed with the two of you. This is the kind of guy you want in your corner! With any luck, your kids will get along with his, and you’ll find yourself raising a happily blended family.