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UPDATED February 27th, 2018

Splitting up with an ex is hard, but leaving the familia might be harder. Here’s how to cut the cord for good, without the hard feelings.

“Cut all communication—calls, email, texting, everything!—for a few weeks,” psychologist Dr. Melissa Laracuenta says. “You need time to determine what you want and need without them in your ear.” But Lisa, a Salvadoran educator from Los Angeles, says giving family members a heads-up helps. “I disappeared from their lives totally for a couple of months,” she says of leaving her beau—and his family—of four years. “This affected his mom, and him, pretty badly.”

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Social media provides too much access to painful information, so remove the temptation. If his family takes offense, show compassion, but stand your ground. “All you can do is let them know that you care, but disengage,” Dr. Laracuenta says.

As you both move on,do you want his sister telling you about his new novia? Consider possible scenarios that might involve your ex’s family, so you can anticipate what you need. Then tell them directly.

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