Why You Should Date and Marry A Single Dad-MainPhoto

Why You Should Date and Marry A Single Dad-MainPhoto

UPDATED August 1st, 2016

Single dads are kinda sexy, right? Whether they’re fulltime fathers or share custody with an ex, there is something undeniably attractive about a man who is devoted to his children, even when circumstances aren’t ideal. It means he has compassion, commitment, and the right set of priorities. And if a recent survey is right, it also means this is the guy you should date—and marry.

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  1. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    ‘kinda sexy’….I can live with that though at 60 it would have to be at dusk with the light behind me. Marry again? Erm no! Having said that I openly admit that I miss female company. I messed up three times and finally got the message: There are some things I’m just not good enough for. I suspect a lot of single dads will also feel as I do in that respect: female company is nice but for some of us that have gotten our fingers burned ( two houses worth in my case ) then caution is the word. You are likely to hear ‘lets just be friends’ a lot.

    Yes it can be very tough and it can make you poor. In my case I got custody because my ex was a hopeless alcoholic and Social Services were ready to put my son in a home. I was happy paying the maintenance and visiting/holidays ( It worked well) and I loved my work. But there was a lot of travel so end of career.

    Was it worth it? haha! That’s the human condition for you: I miss my work and the travel terribly but hearing my son say I’m a good cook was a lot more rewarding than some of the performance-bonuses I used to get. ( Ive since discovered he will eat anything so the shine has faded somewhat ). But school performance has improved dramatically and he is a much more positive child according to his teachers.

    The one point I absolutely agree with : Don’t ever ever run your ex down. Its still his mum and he loves her even if she is rarely there when its time to visit. On those days he comes back very sullen and its tempting to lay on the negativity. Equally don’t take the bait when it comes your way in the form of some remark of hers that he might have repeated: Its water under the bridge, just let it go.


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